Don’t forget about the girls…

Looking over a canceled member list for one of my clients, New Sensations, I realised a large percentage of the names were female. Few reasons. 1) They like porn 2) They are part of a couple watching porn together 3) The bloke nicked his shorty’s card to watch porn.

Whatever the reason, maybe it’s time we all stopped assuming our clients are guys. The emails and text pushes we send are aimed at men. The tours are aimed at men.

What word could you use instead of ‘boys’ or ‘guys’ when writing copy?


Something to think about…

A/B testing results – free access to data

A/B tests are when you put up two different versions of a landing page/email/sales page and test which one converts the best. Simples.

@ajaxjones recently made me aware of this awesome site where people share their results of their A/B testing. Amazing data is here. Amazing if you look at it and use any of the hard work other people have done, that is.Which you can. For free.

Check it out

Bounce Rate

Where to put email harvest box

Free download

And – as they say – so much more.

Check out today.

How to make a boring page slightly less boring.

Affiliate sites. We’ve all seen them. We all know the pics of money and sports cars, the promises of riches etc etc. So how can you make A Better Aff Site?

That was the challenge we faced with the relaunch of We knew there were a few problems with the site before. The sign up process was a bit broken and people got confused. So we fixed that. Some of the promo tools weren’t that easy to find, so we fixed that too. We added just the stuff we know our affiliates need, not a load of bells and whistles nonsense no-one asked for or uses.

Then I wrote some slightly snarky copy and everyone liked it, so it’s live. This page is my favourite:

I mean, what do you write for a description of embed code? So I tried to make it a bit snarky and a bit funny. After all, we’re talking to people that RUN PORN SITES there is no need to be awfully proper and formal. Obviously you must remain trustworthy, but there is room to have a bit of a laugh too.

So, loosen up next time you write some copy. Imagine you are talking to a friend at the bar, not some suit in a elevator pitch.

Measure how good you are. Well, how good I am. :)

I just submitted a report on agreed targets for a client.I will post some highlights because in this day and age when everyone is saying how shit sales are etc, it shows that you can still make it work.

  • Revenue up 38%
  • % of people submitting join form increased by 10.1%
  • Affiliate revenue increased by 58%
  • Number of active affiliates increased by 26%.

So, if you want me to help your site achive growth like that, drop me an email.

How to manage your email

If you, like me, use email as your main communication tool, you will find out – sooner or later – that you are going to need to do SOMETHING to manage this.

Many people use lots of folders. And put stuff in those folders. And then not look in those folders.

Many people just keep everything in their inbox. Then they can’t find anything and don’t know what to do next.

Sensible people do Inbox Zero. It is an obviously simple method for dealing with email kinda based around Getting Things Done.

You can delete the email immediately. This is wonderfully cathartic. You get SO MANY emails you do not need to read, let alone file or respond to. So just delete them.

You can respond to the email if a response will take less than 2 minutes.

You can file the email into a tickle folder that you will go to a few times a day and then respond.

Watch Merlin Mann’s video of a talk he gave to Google explaining it. He does so better than I just did and he is just generally great anyway.

So why not start 2010 with NOTHING in your inbox. It feels good.

look, I have no emails!

Apostrophe Misuse

OK. This is easy.

Adam’s blog – The blog belonging to Adam.
The dog’s bone – the bone belonging to the dog.

I can’t rather than I cannot.
I don’t rather than I do not.

The only slightly tricksy thing if is more than one of something:

The dogs’ bone
The companies’ logos

and here is the good porn example:

members’ area – the area belonging to more than one member.

member’s area would be if you only had one member, and I certainly hope that isn’t the case.

Exception to the rule

Its and It’s

its = possession
It’s = contraction (it is)


DVD’s, CD’s etc is WRONG (DVDs and CDs would be correct).
1000′s of bargains (1000s of bargains)
Menu’s printed to order

PS This will not actually help you with sales, but it will stop you annoying me. :)

Link exchanges for adult blogs


Got an adult blog? Want to do link exchanges?

Email me or something.

Mispellins (sic) are good for google…


I did an experiment and started adding some misspelt words to an adult blog. It has resulted in getting number one in Google France for that term.

Ashlynn Brooke is a famous contract star with New Sensations. I made some posts with Ashlynn Brook (NB missing an e off the end) and hey presto, I’m number one on Google. (France).

Now, let’s see if I can convert the froggy traffic…methinks a French language landing page might be a good idea.

Productivity tip for adult blogging

Today’s tip is quick and simple. Go and buy MarsEdit.

OK, I will explain why. It is an application that you can write blog posts in. So far, so VERY dull, Damian. Why is this cool? I hear you scream at your screen in frustration.

Well, it allows you to post to multiple blogs within one app. It’s got a lovely interface. Does insto-previews based on your blog, so you know if a pic will fit, etc. The uploading is nice.

Oh, and of course it works offline. So you can write lots of lovely blog posts on the train, then publish them when you get to wifi.

Go try the 30 day trial here.

Mac only. There are probably similar Windows apps, but who cares.

Free book to make you think…

Seth Godin is great at making you think. Yes, he is a *shudder* mainstream marketer, but his is great and that’s that.

Check out a free ebook he put out:

Read it. It’s lots of different people’s thoughts on What Matters Now…