Do you do logos?

Putting aside the fact that msot adult companies do not know the difference between a logo and a logotype, here are some wonderfully creative logos.
adult marketing logo
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b2b porn marketing
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So, content producers…you ready for the shakeup?

IPTV has been being talked about for years now. But this Autumn, it will happen. Why? Google TV and Apple TV, my friend. Yes, them.

September 1st Apple are set to announce their ‘iTV’. A small storage-less, screen-less iphone 4 that will plug into your HDMI telly and be controlled via your iphone/ipad/magic trackpad. It will have apps. Those apps will be TV stations. So rather than pay a monthly fee to your cable company, you buy – say – the HBO app. And bingo bango bongo you’ve got HBO content wherever you want, whenever you want. All using cloud storage. Brilliant. But this is Apple and Mr Jobs says porn is wrong. Indeed…

But Google TV will be Android with no such porn restrictions.

And boxee has just released a new version with a FILM section with all streaming free, ad supported movies. They already have plenty of porn boxee apps. Most of the big tubes are ALREADY IN THIS SPACE.

Why aren’t the content producers preparing for this next evolution of TV? That’s not a rhetorical question. If I made content I would so have a boxee porn app already running and be ready to port it over to google tv. Your excuse is…?

Maybe pushing apps could be a new aff revenue stream? So you get a kickback for every New Sensations app you get someone to activate.

The battle ground is going to be so interesting. Google Vs Apple on your phone, your TV, your tablet, your PC, your media supplier…

Idea for something new at a trade show

Dragons’ Den is now syndicated around the world.

So, how about a live event with x dragons who have y to invest if ANYONE can pitch them a good idea.

People apply online.

You can have that for free Eric.

Creative ideas

Oh there are lots of them here:

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porn marketing

marketing for porn companies

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New episode of Porn Beer – Daisy Rock reviewed

Porn Star Daisy Rock reviewed, along with ArseWithClass and VanBabes. And I even do a magic trick!

What more do you want?

If you want your site reviewed, get in touch.

Porn Beer #4 (well it’s the 5th, but shot out of sequence and stuff) from pornbeer on Vimeo.

Unconference *has* to be the solution.

Trade shows are in a massive slump. Same faces. Crap seminars. Over-priced rooms, sponsorships, badges and everything else really.

For too long AVN and Xbiz made a killing selling insanely expensive sponsorships to BROgrams who just wanted to have a dick waving contest. Lucky them. They made a shit load of money. However, the model just is not sustainable as anyone that has been to a show in the last two years will testify.

The porn industry told all the organisers what they wanted to see after the first shit AVN Vegas. And how did AVN respond? By adding Dildo Peddlers to the summer show. Genius Dreadful idea.

So what can we do about it?

I propose an Unconference. We all want to get together for a variety of reasons. One is to network. One is to meet old friends/reinforce business relationships. One is to learn new things. One is to party. No one wants to pay 300 bucks to attend. No one needs to be bought sponsored drinks. No one wants keynotes that are VERY thinly disguised product pitches. No one wants round tables where no one is watching.

An unconference would remove all the bad things and keep all the good. It would revolutionise the way porn industry meetings happen.

No badge cost. No sponsorships. No money involved at all. One of the most popular unconferences is a camping trip. Awesome!

There are LOTS of different ways other industries have organised this, and how they work out what events to hold. Some are invite only. Some are free for alls. Some have invited speakers, some have a whiteboard and anyone that wants to speak can speak and it is up to the people there to decide what is popular by voting with their feet. See this image from FooCamp:


The most important thing is it removes the money from the event. Since we can all agree those days of shows in the 90s are over, removing the money from the show will FORCE it to change in a dramatic way.

The goal would be to bring together the adult industry in a way never before seen. What if all the hosting companies got together and talked about how they could make things better? What if shooters talked about the latest kit and techniuqes? What if all the coders sat down and shared knowledge and information?

What if we all had what Smiley from NSCash invented, a No Dinner Plans Dinner where anyone at the show that wasn’t on a big boring sponsor dinner could sit down and have a great time and then just split the bill at the end of the night?

Hey, I’m just throwing this out there. I’m so down for going if anyone else would be!

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Free site critique of

Wow. This is a long one. I wanted to show people on GFY what I do when I help people with porn sites make more money. One of the things I love doing is copy writing. So I’ve taken Gary’s brand new site, which one assumes he spell checked at least, and have taken it to pieces bit by bit. I’ve tried to explain the mistakes he has made, and then also offered corrections and replacements. On top of this, I have also totally rewritten the copy and included that too. Gary’s original copy is in a block quote:

GspotProductions offers 2 mega sites with leak free tours! //

So, the most important thing you are selling is that your site has a leak free tour? That’s not a good idea. How about a more compelling USP? Try this:

“G-Spot Productions is proud to offer our affiliates a unique thing in adult. The personal touch. We’re pro-ams – as you can see from the spelling mistakes LOL – so you know that you’re really talking to us when you email. This is really us, really our site and really we care about helping you make as much money as possible.”

Both mega sites include 2 collections of niches & individual solo star sites.

A) You haven’t mentioned any megasites in the copy, how does the reader know what you mean? B) They are not megasites. That words has a very specific meaning in porn terms and if you use it incorrectly you will piss off affiliates that know what they are talking about.

What does ’2 collections of niches’ mean and how can you have a solo site that is not individual. Be definition it is. Instead just cut that whole part, it means nothing.

With leak free tours, you have satisfaction that every visitor you send to us, shall be contented with surfing our network.

Again with the leak free tour? That really is the base standard thing an affiliate will expect. It’s not a USP to crow about. Also, your grammar is wrong. “every visitor shall be contented with” should be

“every visitor you send us will be more than content with our network.”

However, that isn’t the point. When you construct a sentence it is like two sides of a see saw. You say that BECAUSE of your leak free tours, the surfers I send will be content with your network. Would be better to make sense. So you could say:

“With leak free tours, you know the clicks you send stay on the site.”


“Our huge network of sites has so much content, your surfers will stay members for months, making you even more money.”

But you can’t mix them up. And you should shut up about the leak-free tour. Really.

Every website gives your traffic full membership to both mega sites which at present, includes all 14 individual sites which are linked together.

Again, you mention the megasites, but they are not megasites. Try this:

“Our two flagship sites gives members immediate access to 14 exclusive sites. This massive amount of quality, exclusive content keeps the members rebilling and rebilling and rebilling.

Surfers can spend a few hours entertained in the Gspot area.

This means nothing. Delete.

Send traffic today & earn money as your visitors pay for membership.

- Well, obviously they are earning money from visitors paying for memberships. This sentence means nothing either. Delete.

Providing fresh, exciting exclusive content for our members, surfers & you, our affiliates.

Just a total mess grammatically and has no visible point. By providing free content you do what? It’s that whole thing about a sentence being like two things on a see saw. Let me give you an example:

“By providing fresh, exciting content we keep our members happy for longer. And you’ll be pleased because that content also is made available in our brilliant promo tools.”

We offer free clips & previews in wmv & flv format, High quality mage galleries,

*high *image

corner peels & banners, all available for use from our dedicated servers with 24/7 uptime.

-OK. A) What the hell else other kind of server are you gonna run 14 pay sites on? Of course it is dedicated. B) One doesn’t refer to a server as having 24/7 uptime. You would have 5 9s (99.999%). One refers to server uptime in percentile terms, not hours of the day. Also, you’re not selling hosting, so why go into it? Instead:

*We offer video clips in a variety of formats format and high quality image galleries, page peels and banners. Everything you need is there, but if you do need something bespoke, just let me know and I will shoot it for you. We really are just a horny couple having a laugh, so if you need something special, we’d love to do it for you.

We want to give low cost & efficient means of advertising!

Tautology. Low-cost is efficient. And how does your service make them efficient or low cost anyway? Delete this.

Were here 22hrs of a day giving you the commitment you deserve.

First good sentence. Shame it has 4 mistakes in it.

“We’re here 22 hours a day giving you the commitment you deserve.”

Natalie K also has a leakfree blog with pictures & descriptive stories about her week & the content we have shot. This can be linked for affiliate use.

SHUT UP about it being leak free! And people do not need a description of what a blog is. And people definitely do not need to be told they can use promo content. Instead realise the blog isn’t a promo tool and delete that part.

At present we have a couple of new girls started working for us at GspotProductions. We shall be designing their sites over the next few months as we continue to update their content.

This is an OK paragraph. Only comment is that people will be surprised it takes you months to get the content for a site, when you have very little content on most of your sites.

We also have another couple of original websites ready to filter into our collection with no extra fees set in the future.

What fees? Do you think affiliates are used to be charged? Delete the fees section and the filter thing:

“We’ve also got a couple of brand new sites ready to become part of the G Spot Productions network. More on this when they launch.

Our content includes new male actors & some niches that have not been seen as yet. Hoping to set a new area in the adult market, we can offer yourself as an affiliate a decent income with the commitment we can provide. Updating our websites everyweek. We are proud to say that we give our affiliates personal attention & can be reached through email, icq, or over the phone. You can link to our updates page to keep your traffic updated with our recent events, films & content.

Again, not bad. I will just correct the multitude of mistakes:

*Our content includes new male actors and some niches that have not even been seen! We hope to set a new standard in the adult market. As our affiliate, we can offer you a decent income with the commitment we can provide. We update our websites every week. We’re proud to say that we give our affiliates personal attention & can be reached through email, ICQ or over the phone. You can link to our updates page to keep your traffic updated with our recent events, films and content.

However, I would scrap it all. It’s really boring. I would do something more like this:

“Hi and welcome to G-Spot Productions. I’m Gary and this horny lady is my wife Nat. We’ve been running our sites for over five years now and when it comes to amateur porn we know what sells.

We’ve got 14 sites in our network now, with more launching all the time. Every site is updated every single week, so your surfers will rebill and rebill and rebill.

Cos we do this for ourselves, you know you are going to get The Personal Touch. One of us is around 22 hours a day and we always will answer your calls and emails. When you make money, we make money so we really do care about helping you maximise your revenue.

Along with the usual banners, page peels, FHGs we offer something special. Totally bespoke promo content. We’re small and swift. We can make you anything you want to promote our sites. Got a crazy idea involving whipped cream and midgets? Call us up an we’ll sort it out for you.

There is no big brains behind this operation, it’s just me, Gary. and I care passionately about making the best possible porn and making you the most money you can get. So sign up now and grab our content and start pushing hot ‘n’ horny Nat!”

So there you have it. If you want me to help you make your site’s copy less boring, then get in touch.

Stuck on following 2,000 people on Twitter?

So, are you stuck on following 2,000 people and it’s gotten stuck there like Leed’s based retarded weird sexpest clown

Well, that’s cos Twitter’s algo is pretty clever and stopping you being a spamming cunt increasing your audience. But what if I want to be a spamming cunt increase my audience Damian? I hear you cry. Simple.

1) Unfollow people until you have just less than the people following you
2) Follow a few new people a day – less than 50
3) Unfollow those that don’t follow you back each week

That’s it. Piece of piss. Off you go.

Oh and to get new followers, post good things people want to read.

What can we learn from videogames?


I read a piece on TechCrunch today about an anon source saying since Steam, they have stopped pirating PC games. Interesting stuff, fo’ sho’ Damian, but what the hell has it got to do with porn and the marketing thereof?

Good question, reader. Let me explain.

So, everyone in the porn industry seems to be convinced those Evil Pirates are why they are not making as much cash as they used to. I challenge this as you can see on previous posts here. Maybe looking at how another industry combated the exact same problem would be A Good Idea.

So, video games were heavily pirated all their lives. I remember dreadful copy protection attempts on cassettes for my Spectrum 48k back in 1983. They were hacked. And every single attempt at protecting games from piracy has failed since then.

So what did they do? Made online play an essential part of the game and worked out how to check the people playing had bought the game.

Now, what we could do is somehow package a live, online brilliant experience with a monthly membership. People would need a discreet app to access their smut. (As a bonus this removes any need for people to worry about partners and browser histories etc). This app would check that a current active subscription was tied to that IP and off they go watching the porn. Loads of different options. Could be free monthly usage of the system, and then pay for content. Could be per scene, per minute, whatever. Could be low monthly price with free cams included (have to compete with myfreecams). Etc. I am not saying I have the answers for the pricing. Testing and measuring would be the only way to move on that. Experiment. There is no right answer yet.

To stop piracy we have to make something BETTER than piracy. And something unpirateable (live cams, personalised interaction). The price has to be attractively low (see iTunes) and it has to be VERY VERY SIMPLE to use.

Now, one company like Braincash or NSCash could do this, but how much better would it be of there could be a massive colab where several large companies all put their content on the same platform and delivered SteamPorn or the iPorn Store to the world? A lot better is the answer.

Marketed well, priced aggressively, this could turn around the slump the industry is in.


Go on, try just one of these…

I’m pitching a new client tomorrow and doing up a document to take. You lovely loyal readers might as well have a sneak peak and see if any of these float your boat.

You know you should be doing email, but you’re not. Have a read of this and see if I can persuade you to try it…

Permission-based newsletters
- Get permission to email surfers free samples of your content each week. This is turning strangers into friends. Then you can turn friends into customers. This is miles easier than trying to sell your content to someone that doesn’t trust you. If you can mail them each week, at the same time some free samples (just one gallery and one video clip is enough) you will make sales. It might take a week, or three years, but one day there will be a pic of one girl that your surfer just HAS to see more of. So he pays. And you get cash.

Cancellation emails
- Send your cancelled members emails asking them to come back. You know they like your content. You know they have a credit card. You know they do not mind paying for porn. These people are gold dust. Be really nice to them!

Weekly Member emails
- Sending your members emails saying what updates you have put online this week has been proven (by me at Playboy UK) to increase retention. Only people with shit content that do not update should be scared of mailing your members. People LIKE to know what is new. They click and come back to your site, this gives them more chance to see your upsells and therefore make more cash.

- You can send emails based on specific activity on your site. For example if you had a dating site, you could trigger an email to be sent when someone looks at your profile. Shopping cart abandonment is another easy one to do. On your reg page you can have the email capture as the first page, then go on to the CCBill page. If they then do not complete the CCBill form, you can trigger an email to be sent to them immediately making a price offer, or suggesting another site, or a live cam or dating sell. This obviously gives you another way to make the sale and thus make more cash.