Adult Industry Marketing

Yes folks. It’s what I do. And my free tip today is all about marketing for the adult industry. Not really. It’s about a free keyword tool I heard about on This Week in Tech (a great mainstream tech podcast). It’s called WordStream and it seems quite interesting. Since the free overture tool got killed I have been using this free keyword tool.

You put in keywords, it gives you suggestions on what to put in your copy to get more Google Juice.

What do YOU think is the best free keyword tool for bloggers out there? Let me know in the comments.

What you don’t get about Twitter.

Years and years and years ago some dudes called Doc Searles, Chris Locke, David Weinberger and Rick Levine wrote The ClueTrain Manifesto . You should all read this.

Markets are conversations. It is how you converse with your audience. It’s not about shouting BUY MY PORN HERE. It is about finding out who your audience is, and building a relationship with them. Then selling to them. Then giving them what they want and looking after them. Interruption Marketing is dead. Banners don’t work for a reason. People don’t even SEE them. Neilson wrote about banner blindness years ago. And more recently did eyetracking studies to prove his ealier assertions:

So, what has all this stuff got to do with Twitter? Everything. You can use Twitter as a broadcast medium, and just effectively advertise on it. However, it’s a poor medium for that use case. Search results are only cached for a couple of weeks. in 2008 there were in excess of 3 million tweets a day. From the massive increase in usage since then, we’re probably looking around at least 10 million tweets per day now. So the likelihood of being discovered buy chance are virtually zero and your tweets do not hang around for long. So if you want to gain attention, the only effective use case for twitter is to build community. To engage in conversation.

Twitter is a way for you to have a conversation with your audience. A way to build up their trust. A way to make them feel more at ease about becoming your customers. I am both amused and saddened by people who think that splogging with blog posts that are site updates are doing any marketing.

Imagine Twitter is a bar full of your target audience. Now, imagine they’ve all said to you “OK, you can talk to us about stuff whenever you like. We might well want to talk back to you too.”

What do you say to these eager new bunnies? You give them a list of site updates!

Chris_CE07 RT @pornshopstories: *NEW* Tales from the Porn Store: #73 –

exaporn in car with italian mature #porn #video #nsfw

freeporn_hd Free Porn Tube HD: Free HD Sasha Von Porn Movie – Babe fingering her cumhungry pink sha..

freakporn New Porn!: Japanese Girl gets Double Fisted

Or you speak in bad english, in the third person.

julia_chanell Welcome to all Julia Chanell Fans. We start today our Fan Club in Twitter too and will inform about the hot French Pornstar !

Then you get the ones that get it. really seems like it’s her talking. (NB, it probably is, I just don’t know that for a fact – pls comment if you know something!). She replies to fans, she lets people know what she’s up to. It’s interesting and brilliant.

And who is genuinely funny in her tweets. (Who wants to hire me? I would Like to spend your money. Thanks.) (The hardest part of my day is figuring out what day it is.)

It’s not tricky. It takes 10 minutes per day. Look at your twitter page now. Is there any reason ANYONE would read it out of choice? Does it offer interaction? Does it allow conversation? Does it amuse, inform, entertain or engage? If not, why don’t you try again, and this time, try and do it a bit better?

How to fix a high bounce rate

What is making your surfer leave?

Remove it.

How do you see your site like a surfer? very smart tool that works out where people will look.

How important is a domain?

After a matter of a couple of months I’m now number one on yahoo for “adult marketing’. I am 5 on google for UK traffic for “adult marketing”. And 34 on all of google for the same term.

This is with NO effort on my part aside from posting content.

I tried to game another domain I have, with that, I made what I hoped was REALLY big seo keyword placement. That is now number 5 on

This site, however, has no gaming. I am not (aside from this post) putting ADULT MARKETING all over the place. I am just posting useful (hopefully) tips.

So, when someone tells you they are SEO experts and will charge you 2039812 dollarpounds to “SEO YOUR SITE”. Laugh at them and just go and buy a good domain.


Good domain, good title tags, good page names, relevant and frequently updated content.

Fly my pretties!

EDIT – I am number 4 on google Turkey for “” from a list of review sites I posted. Genius! Hi Turkey!

The very fucking basics of SEO | Porn Memoirs

I looked at a close friend’s site today and he clearly don’t understand even the very very very basics of making a site. Which is a shame, because he is alwasy really full of great ideas about everything.

His title tag is your URL. It should be the keywords he wants to optimise for. Try “porn memoirs”.

His image file names are things like Header.jpg Footer.jpg. Again, these should be keywords. Pornmemoirsheader.jpg.

He has no alt tags. He should have.

He has Yoast installed, but clearly have absolutely no idea how to use it.

This is why his site is no where on google. If you search for porn memoirs it isn’t on the first 5 pages. And it is the domain. This is usually the easiest way to get to the top!. It is why he have so little natural traffic and it’s why he get less than 10 hits a day.

If he fixes those basic things, or gets his bff DVTimes to do it for him, he might see some more traffic and then in 6 months he can relaunch it asking people to write content for you. As it stands, anyone submitting anything to that site is an idiot, because he’s got no traffic.

The genius of Remove Your Content

It’s because they are making money from scared producers. It’s really simple and a brilliant business idea.

You have a situation that is UNSTOPPABLE. It’s called piracy. Anyone with half a brain will realise this will never, ever stop. Logistically and legally you cannot stop it. This has been proven by the RIAA and MPAA in America who have A LOT more money that the porn industry to try and stop piracy. They have failed, massively.

You also have a lot of VERY PISSED OFF producers who think they are losing out on sales because of piracy. They think that everyone that downloads a torrent of their stuff was a potential customer. This is wrong, but let’s not go there for now.

So, you have people pissed off their stuff is being nicked. And you know you will never stop this stuff being nicked. So, you set up a business where you charge these pissed off and desperate people 500 bucks a month to google search some torrents sites and prepare a DCMA notice for the pissed of producers. You tell them the stolen content they were pissed off about has been taken off 5 sites.

The producers feel better because 2% of places you could find their stolen content no longer host the content. (Of course, the sites are still up and still showing OTHER people’s content, but who cares about that, right?


It appears Remove your Content makes around 500 bucks a month from these people, every month, for doing a couple of hours of work (it really is very very simple to use a search engine to find torrents. Then you look on Usenet, add in some private forums you have lied your way into, job done). And the best bit? You can still find the producers’ content all over the web.

It’s the best business model I have heard of.

Producers are not stopping lost sales, they are just making RYC richer.

Producers – just pay me 500 bucks a month to do some positive marketing efforts. Actually make a difference and DO SOMETHING instead of moaning on forums and paying money to businesses that actually provide you a measurable service.

If anyone reading this pays RYC or similar please can you explain how you measure the success of your investment with them?

Don’t forget about the girls…

Looking over a canceled member list for one of my clients, New Sensations, I realised a large percentage of the names were female. Few reasons. 1) They like porn 2) They are part of a couple watching porn together 3) The bloke nicked his shorty’s card to watch porn.

Whatever the reason, maybe it’s time we all stopped assuming our clients are guys. The emails and text pushes we send are aimed at men. The tours are aimed at men.

What word could you use instead of ‘boys’ or ‘guys’ when writing copy?


Something to think about…

A/B testing results – free access to data

A/B tests are when you put up two different versions of a landing page/email/sales page and test which one converts the best. Simples.

@ajaxjones recently made me aware of this awesome site where people share their results of their A/B testing. Amazing data is here. Amazing if you look at it and use any of the hard work other people have done, that is.Which you can. For free.

Check it out

Bounce Rate

Where to put email harvest box

Free download

And – as they say – so much more.

Check out today.

How to make a boring page slightly less boring.

Affiliate sites. We’ve all seen them. We all know the pics of money and sports cars, the promises of riches etc etc. So how can you make A Better Aff Site?

That was the challenge we faced with the relaunch of We knew there were a few problems with the site before. The sign up process was a bit broken and people got confused. So we fixed that. Some of the promo tools weren’t that easy to find, so we fixed that too. We added just the stuff we know our affiliates need, not a load of bells and whistles nonsense no-one asked for or uses.

Then I wrote some slightly snarky copy and everyone liked it, so it’s live. This page is my favourite:

I mean, what do you write for a description of embed code? So I tried to make it a bit snarky and a bit funny. After all, we’re talking to people that RUN PORN SITES there is no need to be awfully proper and formal. Obviously you must remain trustworthy, but there is room to have a bit of a laugh too.

So, loosen up next time you write some copy. Imagine you are talking to a friend at the bar, not some suit in a elevator pitch.

Measure how good you are. Well, how good I am. :)

I just submitted a report on agreed targets for a client.I will post some highlights because in this day and age when everyone is saying how shit sales are etc, it shows that you can still make it work.

  • Revenue up 38%
  • % of people submitting join form increased by 10.1%
  • Affiliate revenue increased by 58%
  • Number of active affiliates increased by 26%.

So, if you want me to help your site achive growth like that, drop me an email.