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I’ll be there from Thursday onwards and looking for new clients that would like some help making more money from their websites.

Maybe your banners aren’t getting as many clicks as they used to?
Maybe you need some help with branding?
Maybe you are thinking about setting up some more billing options?
Maybe you want to set up some social media stuff and are confused about blogs, podcasts, youtube, twitter etc.

Maybe, and this is the doozy, you would like to see a cool card trick?

I help people like Playboy UK and BabeStation make more money and I can help you too.

Tap me on the shoulder at the show and let’s have a chat.

Whatever the reason, if you

Segmented, targeted marketing sometimes fucks up

marketing fail

New porn virus

Now you can all seem like heros!

Mail your lists, warning them of this free porn virus. Explain it is a PDF exploit.

Then tell them to get all the free porn they like at YOURFREESITEDOMAIN.COM and as a PS tell them to bloody use Foxit Reader and not acrobat bullshit.

Is blackmailing your fans the answer to piracy?

There is a thread on GFY where people are boasting about blackmailing money out of people that allegedly downloaded their content via a file sharing site.

This is a bad idea on so many levels. Let’s back up.

So, you have someone who is a fan of Jordan Capri. They do not want to pay $30 a month to join a site. They might not have a credit card. They might have joined a porn site years ago and had their card banged, or hit with a hidden cross sale. Whatever. So they download a rip.

How do you monetise this as the content producer? Simple! You blackmail them! Get some dodgy legal outfit to get the IPs of the downloaders, get their ISP to give up their privacy, and then send them a letter saying you will go public, local paper, etc with info that THEY stole YOUR porn.

Now, obviously, it could be a kid in the house doing it. Could be your wifi is open and a neighbour is doing it. Could be that a grandchild is visiting and doing it. Could be spoofed IPs. Could be that the file called YOUR CONTENT isn’t actually your content at all.

Innocent until proven guilty right? That’s the genius of this. No one will ever prove anything. People, guilty or not, will settle for fear of embarrassment. Does the local head teacher download schoolgirl porn or not? Who cares about the truth, if that was on a website, or local paper his career would be finished. So he settles. It’s not worth losing his career over 2 grand.

Remember, several courts have ruled that a shared file doesn’t represent a lost sale. Electronics Arts even started that. So, these litigious blackmailing porn producers are literally stealing money from people that may or may not have downloaded a file that may or may not be copyright protected and they may or may not be potential customers.

One thing is for shitting sure, they won’t buy from you after you’ve fucked them like this!

This is a pathetic state of affairs. Why not work out how to make your content compelling enough to purchase rather that blackmail people that like what you do?

Do you do logos?

Putting aside the fact that msot adult companies do not know the difference between a logo and a logotype, here are some wonderfully creative logos.
adult marketing logo
porn marketing
b2b porn marketing
marketing for porn

More here.

So, content producers…you ready for the shakeup?

IPTV has been being talked about for years now. But this Autumn, it will happen. Why? Google TV and Apple TV, my friend. Yes, them.

September 1st Apple are set to announce their ‘iTV’. A small storage-less, screen-less iphone 4 that will plug into your HDMI telly and be controlled via your iphone/ipad/magic trackpad. It will have apps. Those apps will be TV stations. So rather than pay a monthly fee to your cable company, you buy – say – the HBO app. And bingo bango bongo you’ve got HBO content wherever you want, whenever you want. All using cloud storage. Brilliant. But this is Apple and Mr Jobs says porn is wrong. Indeed…

But Google TV will be Android with no such porn restrictions.

And boxee has just released a new version with a FILM section with all streaming free, ad supported movies. They already have plenty of porn boxee apps. Most of the big tubes are ALREADY IN THIS SPACE.

Why aren’t the content producers preparing for this next evolution of TV? That’s not a rhetorical question. If I made content I would so have a boxee porn app already running and be ready to port it over to google tv. Your excuse is…?

Maybe pushing apps could be a new aff revenue stream? So you get a kickback for every New Sensations app you get someone to activate.

The battle ground is going to be so interesting. Google Vs Apple on your phone, your TV, your tablet, your PC, your media supplier…

Idea for something new at a trade show

Dragons’ Den is now syndicated around the world.

So, how about a live event with x dragons who have y to invest if ANYONE can pitch them a good idea.

People apply online.

You can have that for free Eric.

Creative ideas

Oh there are lots of them here:

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porn marketing

marketing for porn companies

Lots more here

New episode of Porn Beer – Daisy Rock reviewed

Porn Star Daisy Rock reviewed, along with ArseWithClass and VanBabes. And I even do a magic trick!

What more do you want?

If you want your site reviewed, get in touch.

Porn Beer #4 (well it’s the 5th, but shot out of sequence and stuff) from pornbeer on Vimeo.

Unconference *has* to be the solution.

Trade shows are in a massive slump. Same faces. Crap seminars. Over-priced rooms, sponsorships, badges and everything else really.

For too long AVN and Xbiz made a killing selling insanely expensive sponsorships to BROgrams who just wanted to have a dick waving contest. Lucky them. They made a shit load of money. However, the model just is not sustainable as anyone that has been to a show in the last two years will testify.

The porn industry told all the organisers what they wanted to see after the first shit AVN Vegas. And how did AVN respond? By adding Dildo Peddlers to the summer show. Genius Dreadful idea.

So what can we do about it?

I propose an Unconference. We all want to get together for a variety of reasons. One is to network. One is to meet old friends/reinforce business relationships. One is to learn new things. One is to party. No one wants to pay 300 bucks to attend. No one needs to be bought sponsored drinks. No one wants keynotes that are VERY thinly disguised product pitches. No one wants round tables where no one is watching.

An unconference would remove all the bad things and keep all the good. It would revolutionise the way porn industry meetings happen.

No badge cost. No sponsorships. No money involved at all. One of the most popular unconferences is a camping trip. Awesome!

There are LOTS of different ways other industries have organised this, and how they work out what events to hold. Some are invite only. Some are free for alls. Some have invited speakers, some have a whiteboard and anyone that wants to speak can speak and it is up to the people there to decide what is popular by voting with their feet. See this image from FooCamp:


The most important thing is it removes the money from the event. Since we can all agree those days of shows in the 90s are over, removing the money from the show will FORCE it to change in a dramatic way.

The goal would be to bring together the adult industry in a way never before seen. What if all the hosting companies got together and talked about how they could make things better? What if shooters talked about the latest kit and techniuqes? What if all the coders sat down and shared knowledge and information?

What if we all had what Smiley from NSCash invented, a No Dinner Plans Dinner where anyone at the show that wasn’t on a big boring sponsor dinner could sit down and have a great time and then just split the bill at the end of the night?

Hey, I’m just throwing this out there. I’m so down for going if anyone else would be!

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