Hello world!

So, what’s the site about? Porn marketing. Simple. I help you make more money selling porn.

I will:

– help you acquire new members, keep the members you already have and help you win back cancelled members too

– help you develop a (and this is crazy) marketing *plan* with goals, milestones and KPIs you can measure my success by

– help set up deals for you with different sites around the world

And in this blog I will give you free tips and advice you can use improve your adult marketing efforts. So subscribe. That’s free too.

PS Thanks Geezer


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Sorry if you are getting comment spam with this URL in.

It’s not me doing it. I imagine it is a man called Marion who pretends to be girls on forums whom I outed and got banned from GFY recently. He is clearly trying to get my sites blacklisted for spamming. However, it doesn’t impact me at all as I get very little type in traffic. It’s all direct links.

So, just let akismet do it’s thing, and we can all move on!



So, I use tripit.com to keep a track of all my travel. It’s a great little website/app if you don’t know it. I recently gave it permission to ‘talk’ with gmail. I booked a flight earlier from Krabi back to Bangkok. Got the receipt from the airline mailed to me. Then a little later, Tripit mailed me saying they’d seen my mail from the thai airline, and have already added all the details to my Itenerrereary for the next trip. Fucking smart idea that.

Now the point is, what could a porn site do that would be as cool? What could you give a customer that would make him tell someone else about how cool the service is?

“Hi we noticed you watched a video on your mobile from us. As a thank you, here’s a link to where you can download a bigger version you can save to your PC if you want to see it on a bigger screen. Have fun!”

What could *you* do for a customer that would make him think you cared about him?

The problem I think our industry is in is not about piracy, or tubes, it’s about spending 10 years trying to fuck over the customers in any way we could.

Maybe a solution would be to try treating them like the gods they are?


Signed up the awesome Tofu to do some guest blogging here. If you don’t know him, you will soon. And he writes very well. You should be bloody grateful I tells ya. I give you all this FOR FREE!


Email Profiling

Someone posted something at the zoo that I was about to help them with. They seemed fairly stupid, but I could sort something out for them quickly.

Then I saw they had an AOL email address and I decided not to mail them because they are clearly very fucking stupid.

So yes, I judge people based on email addresses.



How to market on forums

OK, so I’ve not met anyone from Brokerbabe. Seems likely they are all fat men pretending to be girls. The name is odd. Anyway, a few months ago they spammed a forum called B&B. There is a section there for spam, but they chose to spam the main forum. The admins changed their post to a silly picture, as they do with spammers and we all moved on.

But they came back, with a different account and did it again. Same thing. Admins kicked them off and edited the pic again.

Now they’ve come back AGAIN and are STILL doing it. I tried to help them, and they just spammed more.

This really is a fucking stupid thing to do because you’ll end up alienating the very people you wish to do business with.

Now what you should do is this:

1) Lurk on the forum for at least a few weeks. Read the board. Get a feel for it.

2) Post responses to popular threads, just joining in like a normal person.

3) That’s it.

Don’t spam, don’t try and ignore the admins, don’t be a cunt.

Billing and stuff

So, this is for the newbs, if you are an uber Bro, you’ll get nothing out of this.

Someone posted on a forum asking how to set up billing and went for verotel because they didn’t have a long QC process.

Nothing wrong with Verotel, but by only going with them, you’re making a mistake.

There are two big Internet Payment Service Providers, (IPSPs) Epoch and CCBill. Both been around over 10 years, both good and reliable. Then there are a couple of smaller ones like Segpay, Zombiabiioioi etc that will offer you a much lower rate at a much higher risk.

A few years ago they Epoch and CCBill started playing nicely together with cascading billing. This means if you try and join a site via CCBIll and CCBill refuse your card, your deets get parsed to Epoch and they might well accept it.

This alone will add 10% to your bottom line.

They both have different scrubs (the software they use to say if they think it is fraud or not), so one may accept a card the other declines. And viceversa. They also will now parse affiliate codes. So you can get paid out on an Epoch sale if you sent traffic to a CCBill join. All good.

Easy to set up, easy to implement.

Then you add a third payment like Segpay so you can pick up anything the two big guys refuse.

Also, here is a massive tip, unless you do two joins a month, remember that an IPSP’s rate is ALWAYS negotiable. So just ask for a discount. You’ll get one.

Hope that helps some of you. Any questions, email me or post a comment.


It’s nearly my birthday

Well, yes, I am nearly 4o, but this blog is nearly 2 years old! Yes, two years of free hints, tips, ideas and thoughts. With the occasional taking the piss our of Paul Markham.

Surely, this makes it the best porn blog in the world?

But it could get better. I could shake things up. I could get in a guest blogger. Someone with loads of experience who writes well.

Hmmm. Maybe I am…

Maybe you will bloody love it!

No more referrers from google

Google will now begin encrypting searches that people do by default, if they are logged into Google.com already through a secure connection. The change also means that sites people visit after clicking on a result at Google will no longer receive “referrer” data that reveals what those people searched for, except in the case of ads.


Do you use that essential data? What can we do? Any ideas?