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Shooting a new episode of everyone’s favourite diggnation ripoff, www.pornbeer.com next week.

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How to sell.

Two main theories on this. AIDA and DIPADA. I was trained in DIPADA so we’ll look at that. This is essentially a structure to sell anyone anything. If you can stick to this, you cannot really fail to get a sale.

Definition – define your prospect’s need or problem

Identification – identify a solution to that need or problem

Proof – prove your solution solves their problem/meets their need

Agreement – get them to agree it solves their problem

Desire – instil a desire for them to have your solution

Action – close the deal

The main thing is to actually ask lots and lots of questions of your prospect. So you can get information that you can then ‘use against them’ when selling. So Paul Markham could call people up and say:

Where do you buy content from? What kind of content do you buy? What makes you decide which company to buy from? How often do you buy? What prompts your purchasing decision? Do you have an annual budget for content?

Etc. This is the definition stage. So you conclude the Definition stage with a little note book full of all the things you will use to sell to him. He buys content, price is his motivator, he buys once a year, he doesn’t care where it is from.

You then identify your product as a solution:

I sell content cheaper than anyone else, it’s very high quality but very low price because it has been sold many times, I have a blowout sale once a year and that it happening now.

Onto proof.

So if I could prove to you that I had exactly the sort of content you have a budget for, and it is currently cheaper than anything else and I can deliver it all to you tomorrow, would you consider buying it?

How can the prospect say no? Of course he has to agree to that.

You then instuil desire. Paul could do this by bringing out all the famous publications that have printed his work.

Then finally you close. I always prefer the assumptive close. “So, how many gig do you want? 10 or 20?” This assumes the sale has been made and it’s now just the numbers.

Hope that was useful. If you want more on sales, let me know in the comments.

Why are we so fucking stupid?

iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody etc have reduced music piracy massively. There are reports to back this up, but even someone as stupid as Paul Markham can see it. It makes sense.

So, how come the porn industry is so stupid it hasn’t copied the model yet?


2 year birthday!

Wowzers. This blog is almost two years old.

I should do something special. Maybe allow Paul Markham and Gary to guest blog?

If your pay site sales are declining…

some things to do


1) Ring up people and get members’ areas upsells in place with other people in your niche

2) Split test your tour

3) Email your cancelled members asking them to come back

4) Moan like a retarded old man on GFY

One of the above points won’t generate sales. 3 will. You choose.

Paul Markham is as bad as Gary Glitter

I’m working with the police providing evidence to the fact that Paul Markham raped underage girls and had to flee the UK to avoid arrest for being a pedo.

Anyone that can help me compile this information, please leave a comment.

I’ve witnessed first hand him trying to coerce an underage girl in a chinese restaurant in amsterdam to suck him off. But the police need more.

Business cards

I pride myself in coming up with unusual, funny or interesting cards for the shows. I was very disappointed with the ones I got back. Same old boring stuff. However, the people that really take the biscuit for being dull are the prepaid card people. Or out payment. Or any kind of virtual card thingy.

They all use cards that LOOK LIKE CREDIT CARDS!

I’ve got 4 here. All the same.

Did the marketing people there really think that was an original idea?

If you work for a prepaid card company and want some original marketing, let me know!



Ebay’s original homepage

Fucking hell. Things have changed a bit, eh?

ebay back in the dizzah


Affiliate progs on Twitter

Just stop.


You want to get more affiliates or get more affiliates that are already signed up to promote you.

How to do this? Start a twitter account and post links to galleries!

Why on EARTH would anyone follow that Twitter feed? Why? How boring. Why not write a B2B twitter feed that has stuff that affiliates might find interesting/funny/useful/entertaining and get them to follow you because they like what you decide to share?

I’ve not ever seen one I thought was good, so to put my money where my mouth is, I will start one and see if I can be more interesting than NEW FHG CLICK HERE

So, I’ll work out some cool shit to post on twitter.com/3wayscash


Now this surprised me

Well I never.

You know the old submit your site to google thing?

Well it actually works!

Colour me surprised.

I put together about 14 sites for a client to create traffic and stuck google analytics on them. I submitted ONE of them to the URL linkage above and waited. About 5 days later, that one site had started getting natural google traffic and none of the others did.

So there you go. Today’s tip is submit new sites to google.