Fuck .xxx

I’m not going to buy into this bollocks. And here’s why.

I met Vaughn at an Xbiz gathering during the speed networking. I asked “so, what can you do to persuade me you actually do care about the porn industry and this whole thing isn’t just a money making exercise.”

He folded his arms and said “I’m not going to even talk to you.”

And just sat there. Trying to stare me out like a hard man. After about 2 minutes of this, he broke and said that he would talk to me about it after the speed networking. I replied that I was just keen to see what the actual line was, whether it was actually any good.

He then avoided me all evening.

It’s obvious to me this is just .mobi or .eu all over again. It’s a land grab and it’s not going to help adult in anyway.

If you want to do something to help kids, stick and RTA label on your site, donate to ASACP and just be a decent human being. We don’t need to ‘protect the kids’ via .xxx and they fact they are playing that card makes it clearer they don’t actually give two hoots about porn. They just want the Daily Mail vote…

Brand new revenue stream for site owners

I can’t say what it is yet, but imagine this…

You have a pay site. You put a “Work for us” button at the bottom by the 2257 etc. That sends the girl to a site where she can apply. You decide you don’t want her. She gets put into the system and gets offered work doing text chat for 32p a message (three times the going rate). She is really happy getting VERY easy work that pays so well that she can do when doing other things.


Not bad, but what if YOU got 32p each time she earned 32p too? So you refer a girl and you get 100% of her earnings.

Fucking hell, how good is that?

Or if you just want to push the service to the girls you have on your books, you’d also make 100% of their earnings.

It’s a no-brainer, right? Everyone will want some of that.

Find out more at the Amsterdam or London shows.

Plain text

Do not underestimate the power of plain text emails.

(Sidebar: I usually make them HTML so I can track opens and clicks, but make them APPEAR to the surfer as plain text)

Anyhoo, you get your idea for your brilliant creative email. You craft the copy, you do wireframes, you hand it off to your designer who makes it beautiful, you mail it and wait for the response. And it isn’t as good as you wanted.

Take the list, segment the people that opened and didn’t click and send them a (quasi) plain text email.

Hi Paul,

I sent you an email last week about a 50% reduction in price. Now, I know you probably get loads of special offers via email and you think they are a con or a rip off. I wanted to assure you that the offer I sent you was real. Rejoin the site and you’ll only pay $15 a month. For ever. It won’t go up. It won’t change. There will no surprises on your credit card.

We just miss you as a customer and are sure you’ll love all the amazing hot new content we’ve got on the site. Take a look at the recent updates, see what you’ve been missing.

Click here for the updates.

Or words to that effect.

I guarantee you they will respond.

Have fun.

Advertising Standards Authority

If you are in the UK, you are going to want to check all your sales copy VERY closely. The ASA now can act on complaints from the public on website copy and promotions. So if your site doesn’t update daily, or isn’t exclusive, I’d change all the copy to be truthful ASAP (tee hee).

Turntable.fm for a tube?

Here’s an idea. Take the main idea of turntable.fm and apply it to a tube.

In case you are unaware, turntable.fm is a community where people can DJ 5 tracks to the other listeners. If people like it, they thumbs up his performance and he earns points.

So, if we have huge communities of people that are uploading porn content, they want others to watch what they think is good. Why not let them ‘VJ’ their porn to the other users? They will enjoy sharing, people will enjoy having a curated show. Site becomes very sticky.

Simple, eh?


Using google+

Here is a nice blog post with some thoughts and advice on how google hangouts could work for businesses.

Could be excellent for porn. Select people getting together, sounds like a small, elite dinner…


What do you think?



Invites are opened up again, so if you want one, please post a comment with your email address. Best obfuscate it in some way so the spam bots don’t getcha.



Well, that’s been quite interesting. Nalem’s explosion on the boards in a frenzy of shit spam is a really good example of how not to launch. What can we learn?

- don’t spam boards
- don’t centre your test and use ghey fonts
- don’t pretend you can’t hear loads of people complaining about you
- don’t KEEP spamming
- don’t take sponsorship from the largest enemy of the industry
- don’t KEEEP spamming
- don’t post lies about your competition, especially if that competition is well liked and respected
- don’t get banned from every board

Removeyourcontent update

Oh lordy. Someone on GFY has said that Eric from Removeyourcontent is a pirate that uploads his clients’ sites and then charges them to take them down.

If it is true, and I hope it is, it would make me piss myself laughing.

Don’t do this

If you want me to buy an ad, don’t send me an email like this.

Dear Damian,

Further to gaining your contact details as representatives of your Website’s Webmaster program, I wanted to send this email to introduce my Website and enquire as to whether their is any synergy between us working together to promote your products. PurelyNSFW (www.purelynsfw.com) is an adult blog which offers the reader the hottest Not Safe For Work content. Our site has very strict content policies ensuring quality and constantly seeks the feedback of the reader to ensure our following grows in terms of both new and repeat visitors.

We also run a strict advertising policy with no popups, popunders or other, what we would term, sharp practice. We also host all of our own galleries and content. This means our readers enjoy simple content that they can trust. No spyware, malware or malicious code whatsoever.

In terms of advertisers, we look to ensure we do not bombard the reader with to many ads as we believe this lessens the impact and therefore results. This means that when we do run a campaign the click through rates are much higher than average.

We are now looking to expand the advertisers we work with on a prepaid and PPC basis. We are able to offer bespoke campaigns with content to match the product or site being sold. From straight banner ads to full campaigns sponsoring some of our popular series, we have the popular content to attract the sales to you.

Visitor numbers for PurelyNSFW.com are in the many thousands every single day, providing a pretty decent Alexa ranking usually within 60K – 100K for USA readers and lower for parts of Europe.

If you are interested in discussing this further, please either reply to this email or you can also contact me on ICQ 620790064.

Thanks for reading.

Why not see if I have anything I’d want to advertise on such a site, why not ask me if I am advertising anywhere, why not JUST ASK SOME QUESTIONS.

People trying to sell things to people they don’t know, who don’t know a THING about the person they are selling to = fail. Always. Fail.